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Phone: +61 3 9485 0100
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Sleep&Go Bell City, Preston, Melbourne

Located on bustling Bell Street, Sleep&Go Bell City is easy to find and easy to access. We look forward to welcoming you soon.


205-215 Bell Street,
Preston, VIC 3072, Australia

Melbourne is a pole of attention for both Australian and international travellers. Who is able to resist to the most liveable city in the Southern Hemisphere and why not in the whole world? As travelling professionals, we are aware of the hassle associated with travelling. The farther the destination, the bigger the responsibilities and the problems. The travelling problems become even tougher with the presence of additional co-travellers and family, since each and every traveller has special needs and requirements. The need for prompt answers is key so that we will ensure the proper solutions to travelling problems you may face during your stay in the city.

A short visit in our site will amaze you, since we have something special for every taste. Multiple amenities are surely a reason to consider our services, making your holiday dreams come true. You feel like you are already a guest of Sleep&Go. After multiple minutes of daydreaming, it is about time to keep yourself grounded. Part of your dreams is planning and the bureaucracy associated with making plans. Each traveller should make sure that problems such as accommodation are solved beforehand in order to have a pleasant and safe journey. All these problems are solved with a simple click to our “Contact Us” page.

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Contact page is the medium which spans the communication gap between corporations and customers. In that way, we give our clients’ base the chance to come in contact with us. Our Contact page caters every visitor’s need. We know that there are people who prefer most common means of communication such as phone or even face-to-face communication. For this reason, we offer multiple ways to get in touch with us. Our priority is international visitors, since they have a lot of additional problems during travelling. In regard to international travellers, it seems unreasonable to visit in person the hotel of their preference, but locals are able to inspect their room themselves.

We are not willing to neglect the new-tech guest, so you are now able to come in contact with us through email. In addition, the “GET IN TOUCH” sector is a great tool to file your enquiry or submit your question. The procedure is quite easy. The potential guest should fill his/her first name, the last name and contact info- email and phone number. Then, the enquiry field should be filled with your message. Before you know it, your message will be sent to our customer service team in order to give you a proper solution to your worries or your problems.

We are really happy to listen to your concerns, worries and troubles, giving you the answers you desperately want. It is an incomparable feeling to listen your relieved voice or a supportive message after the troubleshooting process. You should know that your supportive voice is sometimes enough to give us a major boost to continue performing with the same incomparable zeal and passion we currently have. The response to your message is slight different depending on the mean of communication you choose. However, the supportive approach we follow remains the same!